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Identify, measure and compare

  • 76% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale.
  • Packaging is a product’s calling card.

Therefore, it must be sufficiently attractive to awaken the consumer’s desire to buy it. With this analysis you can find out which packaging is the most eye-catching, which elements are the most visualised, which ones go unnoticed or where to place the information of interest.

We analyse: Products / Packaging / Linear / Labels / Packaging.

  • The first impression of a visitor is created in half a second.
  • The decision to stay or not takes on average one second.
  • The dwell time is between 20 and 30 seconds.

Therefore, it is crucial to optimise the user experience to the maximum during browsing. With this analysis you will know not only the user’s visual path, but also the emotions felt during browsing, the level of stress generated, at which points the user loses interest, which areas are the most visited, among others.

We analyse: Corporate Web / Ecommerce / Blog / Mobile Mockups / Banners.

  • We receive between 4,000 and 10,000 advertising impacts per day.
  • And more than half of the campaigns fail to connect with their audience.

It is therefore essential for a brand to know how to create impactful campaigns that reach both the mind and the heart of the consumer. This analysis will allow you to find out what kind of design generates the most attention and interest in the consumer and what is its emotional impact before or after its launch.

We analyse: Physical campaign (billboards, billboards, billboards) / Online campaign (ADS advertising, photographs and publications).

  • Video format accounts for 78% of online content consumed.
  • 60% of users abandon a video after 2 minutes of viewing.

Therefore, it is essential to give value to audiovisual creations so that they surprise and excite users and thus manage to connect with them. This study will allow you to find out what feelings users experience when they watch the video and what they were watching at any given moment.

We analyse: YouTube videos / Commercials / Tik Tok or Instagram videos / Corporate videos / Video clips.

  • Social media is the most used channel in marketing.
  • 88% of consumers check them before buying online.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to get the most out of them and to transmit the brand essence in a new and creative way. With this study you will be able to know the stress peaks generated, the sensations transmitted or the pattern of visual behaviour during the viewing of a profile or various publications.


We analyse: Publications / Feed / Storys / ADS / Mockups.

  • The human brain retains 80% of what it sees.
  • And it processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

For this reason, it is vital to create simple, attractive and impactful designs that manage to awaken sensations in the audience and that visually transmit the essence of the brand. With this study you will be able to determine which areas or elements attract the most attention and generate interest or where to place the relevant information.


We analyse: Corporate identity (logo, cards, reports, etc.) / Restaurant menu cards / Portfolio or professional book (photography).


which neuromarketing technologies do we use?

Eye tracking
Analysis of users' visual behaviour
Facial Coding Neuromarketing Niwsion
Facial Coding
Analysis of users' emotional behaviour

Complement your analysis with:

A/b Test
Comparative analysis
Qualitative interview

What's the process like?

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    Team Talk

    We hold the first meeting to get to know each other better and decide with which studio we can meet your needs.

  • 2

    If we have convinced you, we will proceed to test the study with the designs you provide.

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    We analyse the data obtained in order to translate it into a final report and other material that we will provide you with.

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    We explain the results in a final meeting and answer all your questions.